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Give Your Garden Two Green Thumbs Up

Local nursery and gardening supplies in Damariscotta, ME

Growing beautiful flowers, bountiful gardens and a picturesque landscape is easy. All you need is the right soil conditions, fertile seeds and seedlings, protection against insects, diseases and fungi, consistent pH and nutrient levels...

Okay, maybe gardening isn't that easy, but the professionals at Pinkham's Plantation can help.

Our local nursery in Damariscotta, Maine has the gardening products and, sometimes more importantly, the growing advice you need to develop and maintain a lush, fruitful landscape. We're familiar with the local Maine soil conditions and growing challenges and offer solutions to help you grow the best garden possible.

Get the most out of your landscape and make your garden explode by making us your destination for garden supplies in Damariscotta, ME.

Find the products and plants you need for the perfect landscape

Gardening supplies, seedlings and organic pesticides in Damariscotta, ME

While soil, rain and a little sun is essentially all you need to grow a garden, a little help from soil additives, quality seeds and seedlings and organic pesticides will certainly help. Pinkham's Plantation carries a wide selection of quality products that give your garden the essential nutrients and support it needs to be vibrant and productive.

Be sure to ask about our super soil, comprised of compost, peat and humus to give your garden the extra boost it needs. To learn more about this amazing gardening supply and others at Pinkham's Plantation, please visit us today.

Need some gardening advice? Ask our experts

40 years of experience in gardening and horticulture

Pinkham's Plantation is founded on over 40 years of experience in gardening and horticulture. Mr. Pinkham began his career in the nursery field after obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Plant and Soil Sciences degree from the University of Maine at Orono, where he maintains a close relationship with the horticulture faculty.

To apply decades of horticulture experience to your particular growing aspirations and challenges, visit Pinkham's Plantation. Our gardening experts are eager to share with you the best products and techniques for your landscape. Click here to learn more about us!

Grow your best for the Pumpkinfest

Pick up your seeds in May and show off your pumpkin at the fest

Do you love the Pumpkinfest? So do we! To support Pumpkinfest, we give out 500 pumpkin seedlings every May and encourage our local growers to give it all they've got growing the biggest pumpkins possible for the fest. The best way to grow a gigantic gourd is to nourish it with super soil and nutrients from Pinkham's Plantation. Come by today and be sure to look for us at the Pumpkinfest - we'll see you there!

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