Nurture Your Green Thumb at Pinkham’s Plantation

Nurture Your Green Thumb at Pinkham’s Plantation

Local nursery and gardening supplies in Damariscotta

What supplies do you need to get the most out of your garden, flower bed and landscape? From seeds and seedlings to super soil and organic pesticides, you can find it all at Pinkham’s Plantation. We carry only the best in nursery products and gardening supplies.

Shop Pinkham’s Plantation for supplies needed to support your current garden and everything you need to start a new garden off right. Make us your location for common nursery products and a few you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else, like our super soil and fabric pots that encourage healthy, productive plant growth. We’re always seeking out new products and strive to make them available to our customers before anyone else.

Need a little gardening guidance? Ask our experts

We’re not here to point you to something or sell you a product you don’t need. We’re here to listen to your gardening goals and struggles and recommend the best product for your particular landscape. If you are interested in starting a new garden or enhancing your current, come speak to our expert horticulturists about the various products and plants that are right for you.